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Save Twitter From Inanity

Twitter is the premier microblogging service, but its usefulness is being compromised by the sheer volume of useless and uninteresting tweets.

Part of the problem is Twitter's tagline, which is incomplete. Instead of:

What are you doing?

It should really be:

What are you doing? Does anyone but you care?

Does the world really need to know what you're doing every five minutes? I doubt it. You're not that important. And indiscriminate use of Twitter may cause you unexpected problems down the road.

The Twitter Pledge

Do your part to banish inanity from Twitter by taking the Twitter Pledge:

"I pledge to only write informative or funny tweets and to refrain from posting irrelevant personal details."

If enough people take the pledge, we may yet be able to save Twitter from itself. Act now before it's too late!

Go Public With The Pledge!

Publicize your affirmation of the Twitter Pledge by following pledgefollower on Twitter. Show the world that you plan to follow the Twitter Pledge!

The Twitter Pledge is brought to you as a public service by Eric Giguere (giguere on Twitter).

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