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Beating AdWords Review


The quickest way to make money with affiliate marketing is to use Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising to send traffic to your website. But you can lose money if you don't do it right. Let Kyle and Carson, otherwise known as the Wealthy Affiliates, help you do it right with their Beating AdWords ebook.

Don't know anything about Google AdWords or pay-per-click marketing? Or are you new to affiliate marketing? The first section of Beating AdWords teaches you everything you need to know to get started. You won't be an instant expert, but you'll be comfortable with the concepts and you'll gain expertise as you apply the techniques they describe later in the book.

Much of the book focuses on doing things correctly from the beginning to maximize your chances of making a profit. How to group keywords into related ad groups, how to write good ads, how to create compelling and converting landing pages for those ads — these are all covered quite extensively. If you follow their advice, you'll avoid the dreaded "Google slap" that causes so many Internet marketers to lose money at affiliate marketing with AdWords.

Included with the book are templates and samples for building review sites, the recommended type of site to use with pay-per-click traffic. On review sites you create pages that compare and contrast a small number of similar products.

There's also a lot of great advice on how much to bid (always a big question — especially when you're spending real money) and how to fine tune your budgeting to make sure you don't go in the red with your ad campaigns. It's clear from the text that the authors have a lot of experience in this area.

Out of all the affiliate-marketing-via-AdWords books I've read, this is the one I recommend you purchase if you can only buy one book. It's also one of the cheaper ones, which helps.

For more click here: Beating AdWords

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