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J2ME Acronym List

To sort out the alphabet soup that is J2ME, here is a list of common J2ME-related acronyms. The list is sorted alphabetically by acronym.

Use the links in the rightmost column to expose more details about each acronym. To see all the acronym details at once, switch to the printer-friendly version of this page.

AMS Application Management Software More
API Application Programming Interface More
CBS Cell Broadcast Service More
CDC Connected Device Configuration More
CLDC Connected Limited Device Configuration More
CVM Compact Virtual Machine More
FAQ Frequently Asked Question More
FP Foundation Profile More
GCF Generic Connection Framework More
IMP Information Module Profile More
J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition More
J2ME Java 2 Micro Edition More
J2SE Java 2 Standard Edition More
JAD Java Application Descriptor More
JAM Java Application Manager More
JCP Java Community Process More
JSR Java Specification Request More
JTWI Java Technology for the Wireless Industry More
KVM Kilobyte Virtual Machine More
MIDP Mobile Information Device Profile More
MMAPI Mobile Media API More
OTA Over The Air (Provisioning) More
PBP Personal Basis Profile More
PDAP Personal Digital Assistant Profile More
PIM Personal Information Manager More
PNG Portable Network Graphics More
PP Personal Profile More
RMS Record Management System More
SMS Short Message Service More
WMA Wireless Messaging API More
WORA Write Once Run Anywhere More
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