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Software Truths: Just Don't Uninstall It

by Eric Giguere
April 7, 2004

Attendees of the Microsoft Mobile Developers Conference 2004 received a DVD with the Community Technology Preview of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Here's a prime example of what happens when the development team bypasses the marketing team:

Text of back of DVD envelope for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview

The truth will set you free! The image above is a scan of the back of the envelope (the front of the envelope is not nearly as interesting) in which the DVD was distributed.

Here's the best part of the text:


These builds are not for everyone. Because our goal is to offer these builds as they are ready, very little effort is put into stabilizing them or ensuring their quality. typically, our "Beta" and released products go through a rigorous testing and quality assurance process before they become available. These interim Community Technology Preview builds do not go through this process. It is very likely that removing the build will introduce significant instability to your installed system and may even cause you to have to reformat your drive. Therefore, do not install these builds on machines you depend on.


"These builds are not for everyone" is surely an understatement. I often see warnings about installing software, but it's rare to see warnings about uninstalling it. It's hard to argue with the phrase "may even cause you to have to reformat your drive", though. Imagine if all software came with these kinds of warnings...

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