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Palm Database Programming — The Electronic Version

The first edition of Palm Database Programming is at the end of its life as a printed book. Currently, there are no plans to print a second, updated edition. Despite its age, however, I do think the material in the book is still useful, so I've negotiated with the publisher for the right to reprint part of the book here on my website. The text is taken verbatim from the original Microsoft Word files I submitted to the publisher. Bringing the material up-to-date would be a laborious task, but I've added occasional comments to the original text to further explain or update some of the material.

I hope you enjoy this material, and I'd appreciate any feedback you might have. If you'd like to see a second edition of the book in print, send me a note and I'll forward it to my editor at Wiley. The more requests I receive, the more likely it is to occur.

Copyright Notice

The material here is reprinted from Palm Database Programming: The Complete Developer's Guide by Eric Giguere. Copyright ©1999 by Eric Giguere. All rights reserved. Reproduced here by permission of Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Table of Contents

Links to the individual chapters and sections of the book.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What You Need to Know About Palm Devices
Chapter 3: Development Tools and SDKs
Chapter 4: Writing Palm Applications
Chapter 5: Palm Databases
  • Still to come...


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