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Where do I find a list of high-paying AdSense keywords?

When AdSense publishers hear about keywords that pay $10 or more per click, they want to know where they can get a list of high-paying keywords, even if the real value of such a list is questionable. Here, then, are some ideas on where to get high-paying keyword lists:

1. Build your own list with the AdWords keyword tool

If you have some time to spare, you can build your own keyword value list by hand using the AdWords keyword tool.

You'll need to start with a generic list of "money" keywords as your "seed" keywords. Here are some ideas:

  • conference call
  • debt consolidation
  • domains
  • dui attorney
  • hosting
  • insurance
  • mortgage

Anything that involves big-ticket purchases or long-term recurring income is something to consider.

Once you've developed your "money list", go the AdWords tool and enter each one separately. Be sure that the "Estimated Avg CPC" and "Estimate Ad Position" columns are enabled. Either sort the values and jot down the highest-paying keywords, or else download the keywords in Excel format and paste them into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

2. Find someone else's list

Many people post lists of high-paying AdSense keywords on forums, blogs, and other sites. A quick search on Google is all you need to strike gold. Try these Google queries (they open in a new window):

Some of these lists are very outdated, however.

3. Buy a list of top-paying AdSense keywords

Strange as it may seem given that so much information is available for free, there are many companies and individuals that sell lists of top-paying AdSense keywords to all comers. You'll find them advertised on Google and in various places like the DigitalPoint buy, sell or trade forum.

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