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Online Courses by Eric Giguere

The following free online programming courses are available from CodeWarriorU:

CodeWarriorU is the online teaching arm of Metrowerks, a Motorola subsidiary that develops the CodeWarrior family of development tools. It's one way they promote those tools. A copy of the appropriate CodeWarrior development tool is not required to take a course, but you won't get the full benefit of the course without it. Note that there are recommended textbooks that go along with each course and the lessons do refer you to those books for more details on specific topics -- if you can't afford new copies, used copies are usually easily obtainable via and other online retailers.

When you sign up for a course you also get access to a message board where you can post questions that myself and other students answer.

Please note that these are unaccredited self-study courses. No grade or diploma is obtained upon completion of a course. To help you apply what you've learned, each lesson ends with a quiz and an assignment, but these are strictly optional.

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