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Monetizing Content: Why Ads Are Displayed On This Site

As the author of the book Make Easy Money with Google, it really shoudln't surprise you that I'm displaying

By default, displays ads on most of its pages. These ads offset the costs of hosting the site. The ads are obtained through Google's AdSense program and are chosen automatically by Google based on the content of the page. If no applicable ads are available for a given page, Google displays a series of public service ads.

You can turn off ads very simply from the preferences page. Once off, they remain off for the entire session. You can re-enable them again at any time.

Ad Alternatives

There are alternatives to including ads on a site, as I'm sure you already know. You can ask for donations through the Amazon Honor System or via PayPal. Or you can charge subscription fees to view "premium" content. Or you can place glaring image-based ads on your pages. Or do nothing.

I've chosen to display ads from Google's AdSense program. You get access to a lot of good, free content this way. If the ads really annoy you, though, turn them off. Hopefully they won't be annoying: if Google's algorithms are working correctly, the ads will be very relevant to the information on the page.

How To Thank Me

Whatever you do, though, please do not click on ads willy-nilly in an attempt to generate more revenue for my site. Only click on ads that truly interest you. If you want to thank me for anything, do any or all of the following:

Reader feedback is always appreciated. Sometimes I'm looking for new topics to write about, for example, and someone will send me a question that gives me an idea for an article. It's hard to write in a vacuum, even if you're an introvert.

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